So it begins….

Well not technically yet… Hey everybody. Starting November 1, I, Laurie Delk, lover of all things dark, sinister, and drinkable, am undertaking the epic challenge of drinking 100 (yes, that’s right!) stouts and porters in 30 days. What? Why?
1. I’m obsessed with stouts and porters
2. to spread the love… and knowledge of craft beer worldwide
3. I like to do things that people think I can’t
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY…to help feed the hungry through Second Harvest Food Bank, now also known as Feeding America. Check out their website

So….BEER LOVERS UNITE! Come together and join me to fight hunger and talk endlessly about the awesomeness of stouts and porters…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. John says:

    I do not know of a more effervescent candidate to undertake such a noble challenge. As a fellow fan of booze in general, I look forward to hearing all the moist, fermented details of your yeasty endeavor. Will there be photos of you with inebriated grins and giggles to accompany your blog? Here’s hoping! May the force be with you…

  2. Jake says:

    though i fancy myself somewhat dark and sinister i can’t say much for my drinkability. i wish i could join you but i doubt i would have much to contribute. so, i look forward to following you on your journey (by way of blog) and am excited by the idea that you will no doubt be introducing me to a great number of delicious beers which i shall seek quickly and sip slowly. two questions…
    1) have you already collected the 100 porters and stouts on your list?
    2) if i were drinkable, would i be a porter or a stout?

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