Birthday weekend part two!

IMG_0753So..grinning like schoolchildren, we headed to the fantastic Lost Abbey/Port Brewing.  We were told by MJ and Kelly of Green Flash Brewery to seek out Terri, the maven of the tasting room. After the delicious onslaught of varieties at Green Flash, I wanted to hone in on dark, viscous delights. And viscosity I found!

OLD VISCOSITY: Ahem. Whoa. This monster is nicknamed “The Big Black Nasty” by its brewers. Huge notes of coffee beans and chocolate on the nose. Rich, full mouthfeel of molasses and brown sugar, but not too sweet of a finish. Described by their website as “Thick and sludgy like oil from a crankcase of a threshing combine..” Brilliant.  Will definitely be revisited in my 30 day challenge. ABV 10.5%IMG_0755

OLDER VISCOSITY: Wow. I mean Wow. This might be one of the MOST interesting and complex beers I have ever tasted. Boy can you tell this was aged in a bourbon barrel. But just as likely, it smells and tastes as if it could have been in a port barrel. The nose on this badass is incredible. Right out of the gate you get intense aromas of port, chocolate, and yes….bouillon. As it comes to room temperature, it develops more of a whiskey finish and continues to open up. Reminds me of a great bottle of wine.  This is a must try for any beer or wine geek. Can’t wait to taste this again in my challenge.

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER: Tucked between these two colossal beers, and not to be outdone, was this seasonal Imperial Stout. With loads of chocolate, cocoa, and tobacco, it could have been dessert time with this one. My notes on this one are lacking because the rumble in my tummy by this point was louder than the crowd. Must seek food! I really enjoyed this beer, and look forward to trying it again in November.

For more info on these and other Port Brewing Beers, visit their website:
LOST ABBEY SERPENT STOUT: Didn’t taste this one but shipped it back to New Orleans for my challenge. Can’t wait. Visit Lost Abbey at

If you are in the San Diego area, you gotta make the short drive up to San Marcos, and visit Green Flash and Port/Lost Abbey. You will be so very glad you did. PS. When you go tell your friends to find you on the webcam they have at Port.


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