A Poll, a Peroni, and a Pizza….

People, I ask you….How much fun is it to sip on delicious wine while talking to someone how beer is made? That was my morning, and I tell you my smile almost broke my face. Today I interviewed a beautiful and incandescent young lady that is IN THE KNOW about the beer industry, as she works for Goose Island Brewery in Chicago. Stay tuned for her interview in November as I drink their Oatmeal Stout and a 2008 Bourbon County Stout!!! I’m on my tippy toes with anticipation.

I wonder if this is where Red Foxx got his shtik for Sanford & Son...

Later, as I sipped an ice cold Peroni (it was HOT today in New Orleans!), I thought to myself, “Less than 48 hours!! Holy hell!” I also thought, “BRING it on.” Don’t get me wrong, I have inhaled (that being the proper term) more Peroni than I could count wandering the streets of Italy or just being REALLY thirsty on a hot day.
But I realized as I slugged this one with my pizza that I didn’t really want it. All I want now is dark, thick, delicious liquid enjoyment… I sound like a vampire. And by November 30, I’m either going to have the insatiable desire of Nosferatu or I’m gonna be the girl in the movie screaming and running for her life….


So below is a poll I WANT EVERYONE TO TAKE! It’s not rocket science, you don’t have to labor over like an SAT question, just give an answer. In your experience so far in life…..


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stacia says:

    OK, I’m blushing 😉 It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you on Friday! I’ll get that stout in the mail and may the force be with you, girl!

  2. JOE says:

    Anyone out there who’s in the Halloween spirit needs to give this “Black & Orange” a try. Decided to get a little creative at a PB TAPROOM the other day. In same traditional “Black & Tan” form, use the PUMPKIN ALE from PORT BREWING CO., then float the Guiness on top. If you don’t like pumpkin ales but like traditional pumpkin pie, you’ll be surprised. With the mix of the Guiness flavor and the spice combo of PORTS PUMPKIN, it tastes exactly like whipped cream topped home made pumpkin pie!!! Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed….

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