Carbohydrate coma anyone?


Ahhh Thanksgiving. Family, friends, screaming children, tired arms, sticks of butter, spilled wine, 3 hour naps, and a tummy ache to make you curse every bite you shoveled in. But I love it.  When else can you give yourself absolute carte blanche to eat anything and everything you want?  Praise food.

anyone feel like this Thursday??

After what could only be described as a day-long gastronomic feat of indulgence, I stuffed myself into the car and drove home, took the elevator of course (do you THINK I could heave myself up the stairs?!), and waddled over to the bed. And I thought, “How on earth am I gonna drink beer now??”  But I rallied friends, as you know I would, and pushed through a meek couple of beers.  Sorry if you’re disappointed, but there just wasn’t anymore room.  I would have had to take out a lease on a new body.

So with the iron will of boxer in the ring, I charged forward….

BEER # 86






A lovable slug. And apparently reads too!

RCH Brewery Old Slug English Porter: ABV: 4.5%  I have to admit, when I first smelled and tasted this one, I thought, “Ohhh, here we go again with ANOTHER English porter.” When it’s super cold, it has that same textbook profile as so many others. Blah. But as it warmed, it transformed into a tasty libation I thoroughly enjoyed.  Even after all of that Thanksgiving gluttony!

Dark honey, toffee, and a bit of maple soothe the nose with a comforting yet restrained richness.  There is also a nutty aroma that manifests as almond along with some woody notes on the palate.  The mouthfeel is very smooth with just a hint of bitterness to perfectly counteract the sweetness of the nose.

A yeasty note arose as I made my way through the bottle. Why?  Old Slug is a bottle-conditioned ale, and you could even see a pale sediment at the bottom of the bottle. As I sipped on this beer, I happily imagined myself in the merry old land of England in a pub getting faced with some old British blokes, and saying words like blimey and crikey.  Ahh, good times.

Ahem. WHERE is mustache and monocle? Come on!!

So I KNOW by now you are wondering where in the hell they got a name like Old Slug for their beer.  Well it’s not the most appetizing reason but here goes…According to their website, they used to have a teensy problem with slugs getting into the brewery. Yuck.  Bet they went through a TON of salt….Add to that they say, “As the beer leaves a trail down the glass as you drink it, like a slug, that’s how the beer was named.”  Ooookay. I’m not sure I’d throw that one in there fellas.  Not exactly the picture you want your customers imagining, but it’s your ballgame.  The slug on the label with its monocle and white mustache looks like a character out of Wind in the Willows. At any rate, give this one a try. It’s worth it, slug visions and all…

BEER #85

Butte Creek Organic Porter: ABV: 5.9%  Well, ugh. This one was a klunker. The nose is is completely uninteresting with coca-cola and maple syrup being the predominant, scratch that, practically only elements present.  And I waited patiently for it to warm up.  A hay note does arise later, which I liked and thought was interesting, but it just got lost in the syrupy sweetness of coke and pancake syrup.

I love this scene. Cousin Eddie. In his dickey. Classic.

The palate starts off interesting, really it does, but then it goes downhill quicker than Clark Griswold does on his greased metal sled in Christmas Vacation. Seriously.  The finish is over-sweet and cloying and just sits there on the tongue waiting to be rescued by bitterness.  And yet no help arrives. And that super dried tobacco note does not help.  In fact, it’s unpleasant. Water, garcon!

At this point I need a palate cleanser before bed.  I like to finish my day on the up and up. Elmer T. Lee bourbon to the rescue. Ahh, that’s better. Night night….



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