On the Second Day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to Me….

I categorically refuse to wear the santa hat. Ba humbug.

Two Christmas beers, and a Saints win, 13 and 0!!!!!

Sing it with me! Despite my acute nausea, lost voice, and near heart attack from today’s Saints game, a win brought my excitement to drink Christmas beers to a whole new level this afternoon.  And so, I headed to the Avenue Pub for celebratory liquid refreshment with my fellow Saints and beer lovers….

Mahrs Christmas Bock: ABV: 6%  Not a whole lot to say here.  Tastes like a simple, straight-forward bock.  If I was blind-tasting, I wouldn’t guess holiday.  Easy-drinking and fairly light in body, this is a brew that is made for quantity drinking, rather than highly intellectual banter.  Like most lagers, a crisp, and refreshing beer, this one with little complexity in aroma or flavor. Just ok, I will save my tummy room for more flavorful holiday brews…

my favorite beer model, Becca.

2008 Anchor Christmas Ale: ABV: 5.5%  Now THIS tastes like Christmas.  Welcoming notes of pine, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, and a pot full of mulling spices. As it warms, lots of dry cocoa. Rounded malty flavors mingle with the spices to make a warm, satisfying palate that makes you think of pies baking in the oven, lit christmas trees, and big roaring fireplaces. I wanna drink this every holiday-crazed day.  And I think I just might.  As soon as I hit the tarmac in North Cackalacky I am headed to my favorite beer shop, Lighthouse, and buying a 12-pack.

This is the 34th annual brewing of this beer, and for those of you as inept as mathematics as yours truly, that means their first batch was in good ole’ 1975. Wanna see all of their label since the first inaugural year? Click here! EVERY year the recipe is different, so it will always taste a little different from one year to the next.  (P.S. Their recipe is also secret and highly guarded, so good luck finding out what’s in there.) I have no idea how this tasted last year, as I was still in Italy, either drinking copious amounts of wine or Peroni. But a year later…I like it.

I am looking forward to drinking the 2009 release within the next few days…..Will report, so stay tuned….

I also drank the delicious beers, Unibroue La Fin Du Monde and Blanche de Chambly, and then…..another Anchor Christmas.  A fine Sunday Funday!!!!



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