On the Third Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me….

3 yummy beers, and a 1 amazing glass of champagne!

The rain continues….and continues…..Somebody call Noah.

Me, Mike, and Mark. 60 years ago.

Today, with the rain closing in and the sky growing darker around us, friends and I shared a few delicious brews and the amazing 2000 Pierre Gimmonet Oenophile.  I gotta tell ya, champagne and beer go beautifully together. And I am not talking Miller High Life here people.

The brews? Rogue’s St. Rogue Red, Brewdog Hardcore IPA, and for my Christmas beer…

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale: ABV: 10%  This brewery, in operation since 1946, makes one of my favorite Belgians, the Abt 12. If you get a chance to have it on draft, take it and love it!

The Christmas Ale opens us with aromas of cherry vanilla that follows through on the palate.  Surprising but nice!  And definitely lots of savory and spicy yeast notes. Mark picks up notes of pumpkin on the nose. The palate is creamy and almost egg-noggy, not by taste, but that mouth-filling roundness.  As it warmed, Mike nailed definite aromas of peach, which resulted in a peaches-and-cream sorta thing that was absolutely delightful.  Only as the beer warmed did moments of alcohol heat arise, but still it drank smooth without burn. This beer was full of pleasant surprises, and made for a very enjoyable drink. Enjoy this large-format brew with friends!

And friends, run don’t walk to Cork & Bottle, and get yourself the VERY LIMITED Brewdog Hardcore IPA.  It’s is downright delicious.  As complex in aromatics and flavors as a fine wine. Gorgeous notes of citrus and tree fruit. Do yourself a BIG favor and drink this beer soon…


P.S. It’s still raining…..


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