On the Eighth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me….

8 Corsendonks….(yeaaah, I wish)

Try one Christmas Ale.

ooh! a tin!

Corsendonk Christmas Ale: ABV: 8.5%

I really enjoyed drinking this beer.  But there’s not much to tell you it’s a Christmas Ale.  No big neon flashers like in American holiday brews.  Much like the St. Bernardus, the Corsendonk drinks like a good, delish Belgian.  Big maltiness with definite notes of orange peel and a bit of dry spice, like nutmeg and cinnamon on the finish.  Now normally, you would say, HELLO Delk, these are the things IN a Christmas beer.  And you would be right. Except that Corsendonk uses orange rind anyway, with coriander.

mmmm, yeast.

I am not a coriander aficionado, so I couldn’t honestly tell you it was in there. It probably is part of that spicy finish I perceive. Perhaps I need to go sniff some.

Like all Corsendonk beers, the Christmas Ale is bottle-fermented in dark, warm rooms for three weeks before release. Yum, give it to me.

I recommend trying this, and all Corsendonk beers.  Check out their website by clicking here. And P.S. I want one of those cool glasses….



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