On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me….

Gift of the Magi!!!! (the beer guys.)

Time to take down the beer tree everyone ūüė¶

OK FOLKS, WE ARE AT THE END OF THE TWELVE BEERS OF CHRISTMAS!!!! So the song sings in its FINAL verse (SING ALONG!): On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Gift of the Magi, 11 beers a leaping, Lots of fruits and spices, Santa and his reindeer, 8 Corsendonks, 6 herbs and spices, 6 pints of beer (hahahaha repeat!), FREEEE BEEER TASTINGGGGG, 12 Champagnes (with a Shiner Cheer!), 3 YUMMY beers, 2 Christmas beers, and Rogue’s Santa’s Private Reserve!!!!


2009 Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi: ABV: 10%

Well I cannot think of a MORE appropriate beer to end my 12 (or so) Beers of Christmas than with Lost Abbey’s Gift of the Magi. ¬†After all January 5 is when the Wise Men came to bring gifts and a great bottle-conditioned, Brettanomyces beer is one fantastic gift for me. Thank you Joe and Lost Abbey!

This one is a beer for the aging.  You can tell it the moment you open it up.  Fresh and all full of potential, this guy is going to really show itself in a few years.  This is when I read beer like wine, where you can simply sense the future of a liquid that has yet to spread its wings, stretch out its shoulders, etc.

Lost Abbey's motto...

It pours out a wonderful cloudy amber orange color, a hue you would have to put up to a Pantone book to name it exactly. There is a fair amount of sediment already in the bottom of Gift, but give it a few years, and you are gonna have a good bit of sludgy, yeasty goodness.  I am ordering another immediately to put down.

Not alot of nose at first but after some warming up and aeration, aromas of orange peel, coriander, apricot, hay, and faint herbs welcome the nose. ¬†Then the yeast comes on, more present in the palate than the nose. ¬†There is a bit of alcohol burn here folks, as it is a 10% ABV beer. ¬†But there is no strong presence of Brett, at least not yet. ¬†No horsey, barnyard aromas or flavors YET. But I can wager, as it works in wine, it’s coming with time. And I look forward to it.

As I said folks, this was a grand treat for me as my final beer of the Christmas holiday, but I look forward to trying it again NEXT year.  And the year after. Give this guy some age, and great things will happen.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and the happiest of New Years to everyone.



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  1. Ray Grace says:

    I recently drank a bottle of 2008 that I had laid up, not a tom of brett in that one yet either. You might want to keep your bottle for a couple of years. So whats next?

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