Not today Hunger!!

I want to give an enormous THANK YOU!!!!! to all of the people who so graciously donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in support of my beer quests over the past few months.  We raised a whopping $1300 and over 200 cans of food!!!! AWESOME!!

A very special thanks to my mother, Cheryl, who collected over 100 cans in her school in Wilmington, North Carolina to support her daughter.  I love you Mom!

I am so honored to know each and every one of you who opened your wallets and hearts in such a difficult economic period to help put food in the mouths of hungry children and families all over the New Orleans area.

with Natalie Jayroe, President and CEO. PS. The bucket looks empty because we already took the money out!

And I tell you, when I went to Second Harvest to make the donation, they were absolutely THRILLED with the size of the donation, and I stood there wishing they could see the faces of each one of you.  And I thank you for coming out to my beer challenges and tastings at Cork & Bottle, Avenue Pub, and d.b.a. They were all great, memorable times.

From the bottom of my beer-soaked heart…..THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!



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  1. mandi edwards whatley says:

    I am proud to know you, my friend!

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