Chicago PART 2: Dark Lord Day 2010

Ohhh yeah!

Alas! The day of darkness finally ascended upon me and all beer fanatics who waited not-so patiently with our super special Willie Wonka-esque Golden Tickets. We all flocked like the seagulls in Finding Nemo (mine!mine!mine!) to Munster, Indiana on a cloudy Saturday morning in April…Dark Lord Day 2010! A solitary calendar day centered around one cult, elusive, and highly coveted Russian Imperial Stout.

Now that is ONE happy group of beer drinkers!

People outside the beer world look at me in wide-eyed, jaw-dropped awe when I describe the lengths people go, including myself, to attend this festival, and acquire a beer that I liken to the blood of Sauron. (Yes, I have read Lord of the Rings more times than I can count).

The highlight of my morning! Lincoln Anderson of Three Floyds.

This day has been on my “Life List” since my first encounter with it last fall in my 100 beers 30 days challenge with Stouts and Porters. I am captivated by any beer that can encite such loyal and feverish excitement in its followers. And I knew from my first decadent sip, that day would someday come.

Just one of the many graveyards of dead soldiers...How many do you recognize?

So how was it? Absolutely mental. Glorious madness. As some remarked, “controlled chaos.” Tables COVERED with bottles of beer. Lawn chair, tents, and grills dotting every square inch of grass and pavement. Serpentine lines snaked in every direction. I found people waiting in line who not even sure what they were waiting for. One fella said to his friend, “Can you find out where this goes? I don’t wanna wait for 3 hours and find out this is the line for the jon. Or the slushy machine.” I got a hearty chuckle from that one.

But despite these lines reaching into the abyss, there was not an angry or sad face in the crowd. I heard tale of two girls battling it out in a mud pool (THAT’s entertainment.), but most unfortunately I was not witness to that hilarious spectacle…

The deliciously smooth and balanced Jubel 2010

No one was a stranger at Dark Lord Day. People were jovial and welcoming to every beer lover they met. This is a beer festival after all! When the Three Floyds guys at the warehouse door exclaimed, “Dark Lord Day 2010!!”, the crowd erupted with jubilant cheers.

Mmmm. The Bourbon County Coffee Stout in my Oakquinox glass.

A special thank you to all of the incredible folks I met throughout the day, who shared their beers, stories, and happy faces.

Six different beers at one time? No problem!
Matt with the highly rated, sought after, delicious Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout

Here are the beers I tasted at Dark Lord Day: (No, I didn’t get the Vanilla Oak-Aged. The keg blew in the first hour.)

  • Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
  • Revolution Brewing Double IPA
  • Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout
  • Deschutes Jubel 2010
  • Three Floyds Alpha King
  • Three Floyds Rabid Rabbit
  • Three Floyds Gazeebo
  • Three Floyds Robert the Bruce
  • Three Floyds Gumball Head
  • Three Floyds Pride & Joy
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout
  • Ballast Point Seamonster Stout
Hangin' with Paul and Dino in the neverending food line.

So, fellow beer lovers, you have no doubt noticed a surprising lack of reviews. For this, I humbly ask your lenience. It was just too happily hectic for me to be fumbling for my notebook every minute to take notes, even though I am known for doing precisely that! I took a day off, and just enjoyed drinking the incredible brews that were poured and passed. But I hope and plan to taste these beers again some day, so stay tuned for reviews in the future. In the meantime, check out a fantastic review of the Cigar City Hunahpu Imperial Stout by Hoptopia by CLICKING HERE!

Loved hanging with these guys. Our final photo before departure. What an INCREDIBLE day!!!

Despite the eternal lines, it truly was a spectacular day with marvelous brews and magnificent new friends. If you have a chance to someday attend Dark Lord Day, GO. It’s a once in a lifetimer.


Still wanna see more photos? CLICK HERE to view photos on Three Floyds website!


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