Small Bar, Biggg Taste…

Small Bar San Diego rocks. Great beer list. Delicious food. Pixies on the jukebox. Posters of AC/DC and The Ramones on the wall…

Day 4 of my 100 beers 30 days challenge took me to the adored University Heights bar for a hearty lunch and a few Belgians. Sitting in the sunny window gazing out on Park at passersby I thought, “Man, life is good.” Can I hear an Amen?

After ordering a mouth-watering lunch of Guinness Mac & Cheese, fried pickles, and a grilled Portobello sandwich, we dove into our Belgians…

BEER #15

Your beer girl with Konigshoeven Witte and St. Feuillen Printemps.

Konigshoeven Witte Trappist (Witbier) 5.5% ABV: Light straw color. Super delicate nose of hay with a gentle dose of yeast. Not a lot on the nose, quite frankly. One-dimensional. An easy, introductory beer to the Witbier style. An easy sipper for a hot day.

BEER #14

St. Feuillen Printemps Easter Saison (Saison) 7% ABV: Distinct amber color, precisely like what you find fossils and bugs trapped in. NOT the color of your energy, like that abysmal 311 song that makes me bleed from the eyes and want to hurt myself…I digress.

Nose of orange-date preserves, with a preponderance of orange peel. Coriander, allspice, and cinnamon emerge, particularly as it warms. Some candy shell, but not too sweet on the palate. There is a definite clove presence on the finish, which lends a lovely, spicy end to a well-made beer. I enjoyed this one, and would welcome a revisit.

It's okay. You can say it. (In the glass of Abbaye des Rocs.

BEER #13

Abbaye Des Rocs Grand Cru: 9.5% ABV: An abundance of fruit, partially fresh squeezed, some dipped in a brown sugar glaze. A bit of scrub herb, followed by pumpkin spice. The spice hits you on the top of the mouth and nose, as if you just smelled the spice rack, which is delivered through its high carbonation. You can sense the alcohol heat on the palate and finish, by the prickly mouthfeel. There is a lingering caramel spice note on the finish.

BEER #12

Tony and me with La Fin.

Unibroue La Fin du Monde (Tripel) 9% ABV: After a night of work, my treat to myself was this old time favorite of mine. I have always enjoyed Unibroue’s beers, and it was exactly the finish I wanted for my day.

Hazy golden beige in color. Yeast, citrus (lemon in particular), pepper, and cotton candy dominate the initial nose. After it warms, a glorious note of rosemary rubbed grilled bread joins the party. Always a joy to drink, this beer should be a standard in any beer lover’s repertoire.

Alright folks, 15 down, only 85 to go!!!



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  1. Jason Harris says:

    I dug the hell out of Small Bar on my 2 trips down to barhop in South Park. Gotta make it back that way soon. 🙂

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