The Rochefort Trio

It's a happy Sunday when I get to drink these 3!

As per my obsession with all things musical, I have decided to title this little afternoon jaunt with greatness like one might name a music group. Thus, The Rochefort Trio. Like the Dave Clark 5, but more edgy, and infinitely more delicious. Think of this: the 6 is your tenor, the 8 your bass, and the 10 your baritone. And, ahem…”I Like it Like That.”

BEER #78

You know, you could pair this with a 3-course dinner. Appetizer...

Rochefort 6, 7.5% ABV: Pretty amber color with orange highlights. Ripe tree fruit, caramel, golden raisins, wheat toast, baked bread, spice. Quite carbonated. Lovely beer with aromas following through seamlessly to palate. An easy drinker, but apparently only comprises 1% of the Rochefort beer production, and is thus more difficult to obtain. Get yourself one!

BEER #77

Main course...

Rochefort 8 (Strong Dark/Dubbel) 9.2% ABV: Ooh, wonderful rich yeast, dried cherry, fig, and date, nuttiness, a rich swathe of caramel, and some toffee. Luscious palate, with a sweet alcohol burn on the back of the throat, yet with a nice bitterness on the finish to leave you wanting to drink more. You crave that luxury!

BEER #76

Dessert! Mmm. My kind of three-course meal.

Rochefort 10 (Quad) 11.3% ABV: Dark, intense dried fruit (black fig, raisin), dark brown sugar, molasses, piquant spice (think along the lines of Chinese five-spice powder) mingled with sweet baking spice. Nice. Talk about a rich palate. All of those alluring aromas come through with every sip. But this is not for the faint of heart, friends. With an 11.3% ABV, this member of the trio will have its way with you.

Finishing up, I am indeed “Glad All Over.” Thank you for putting up with my DC5 allusions.



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