Guest Review: Daily Beer Review and Captain Lawrence Dubbel

A big THANK YOU to Rob with Daily Beer Review for contributing this review for my 100 beers. 30 days. look at Belgian and Belgian-style beers! I was thrilled to set this up with him for your reading pleasure. While this was written earlier in the month of the challenge, it pairs perfectly with my recent Dubbel reviews. Enjoy!

Captain Lawrence St. Vincent’s Dubbel

I've heard great things about this beer! Thank you Rob for the review!

Let me start by saying I haven’t done many guest reviews. I’ve had plenty of guests and invitations to return the favor, but I just never got around to it. And when I have done guest reviews, it hasn’t always been about beer–for example Big Ass Ham over on CookingForAssholes. That’s the kind of comedy I appreciate!

If you’ve never been to my blog, I usually start off with a story which is meant to be witty and entertaining and follow it up with a thoughtful, independent and useful beer review. I hope you’ll check it out!

Laurie over at the 100beers30days Blog and I have been talking about doing guest reviews on each others’ blogs for several months now.  She had this idea a few weeks back to have an East Coast/West Coast review swap of the same style of beer during her Belgian and Belgian-style beer challenge, currently under way. I happened to have one that fit the category from New York, one she couldn’t get her very-well-connected hands on this time around. So the decision was made.

So a few days ago, I kicked back and drank an entire wine bottle of St. Vincent’s Dubbel, a Belgian-Style Abbey Ale brewed by Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Pleasantville, New York. This beer came back from my friend’s business trip to New York last month. Thanks again. The label is kind of nice, with an old red race car on the front. The design is by and the art by J. Rizzuti. On the back of the bottle is a nice “Thank You” story. Owner and Head Brewer Scott Vaccaro brewed this beer as a thank you to his parents for helping him realize his brewery dreams, and he named the beer after his father.

Daily Beer Review's Twitter gravatar. Rob, might you shed light on this for your beer friends?

Giant head on this beer. Fruity apple aroma with plenty of yeast and spice to go around. The first thing I could think of when I started to drink this was how prominent the candy flavors were. But there is no sweetness. Quite the conundrum! After a few sips, you will start to notice some tart apple and cherry flavors dancing in your mouth. That fruitiness is coupled with a definite sourness that abounds for the entire experience. The yeast is definitely a factor as well. I really want to say that this beer is a little hoppy, too, but bitter is trumped by sour all day long. Carbonation is sharp and prickly, stabbing at your tongue and mouth. Medium body is just right. As you keep drinking, the alcohol is a little noticeable and works together with its newest spicy friend. Wow, what a palate cleanser this beer was! Definitely interesting. I liked it without falling in love, but we could for sure go out on a second and third date. Check it out!

Have a look at other reviews by Daily Beer Review by CLICKING HERE. I especially enjoy looking at his Top Five Beers of each month. Thanks again Rob!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wooo look at the Florida Love here….DailyBeerReview is all over the place lately!

    Keep up the great work both of you it is a pleasure reading both blogs on a daily basis!

    ~Phil (the Ferm)

  2. Hi Laurie.

    It is a pleasure to do a guest review on your site, especially as part of one of your challenges. This was a really nice beer and brewery. I can’t wait to try others from there.

    Regarding your inquiry about the photo, that is a photo I took at
    Andres Carne de Res, a must-stop restaurant next time you are in Bogota, Colombia. Very fun place. Each table has its own name and mine happened to be Profundo.

    Here are more pictures and a better summary of that event. Plus if you click you’ll know my birthday and can send me a gift this year!

    Thanks again. Talk to you soon!

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