The Dog’s in da House…

It was a GREAT Sunday. NFL football FINALLY back on TV, charbroiled oysters on the grill, and of course, BEER. THIS is what I’m talking about….

If only I had a REAL dog too!!! Or in my case, a potbellied pig...

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere,4.5% ABV. Sticker denotes this is Batch 556, bottled 5-21-10: This beer has a beautiful, super fluffy head, like foamy whipped egg whites. The appearance is cloudy, with colors of straw or hay with golden highlights.

This beer definitely lives up to its name farmhouse ale! I am transported. It literally smells like my aunt and uncle’s old farmhouse in Denton,North Carolina. (If ANYONE knows where that is, you should get a gold star) And people, this is NOT a bad thing!

Classic mustiness, aged wood planks, and linens. Dried flowers. I close my eyes and I imagine stepping outside that farmhouse, with labs running to me and horses neighing in the distance. Ahh the country…OK. Back to the beer!

As it warms, noticeable brett and lemony notes emerge. A mixture of both white and black pepper appear on the palate amidst a a measurable hop presence. There is an astringent bitterness on the finish I’m not such a fan of, but I like the drying aspect with a bit of spice. An interesting Saison from a brilliant brewery.

What are your thoughts on this Saison compared to some of the other American Saison offerings? Would love to hear your comments!



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