East Coast…REPRESENT! GABF Day 1

It’s time to show some East Coast love here on 100beers30days. Being an East coast-raised gal living on the West Coast, I sadly miss the opportunity to taste many of the incredible brews from across the land. So I was undoubtedly on a mission at GABF to visit some of these breweries I had heard SO much about! I pattered across the red carpeted floors in an excited fervor to reach these Atlantic locales….


The Weyerbacher table at GABF!

Weyerbacher Merry Monks Ale, 9.3% ABV: So excited to finally have this Belgian ale!! I first had Weyerbacher, their Double Simcoe IPA with NOLA Brewing’s Dylan Lintern and Kirk Coco last year. That beer is singularly responsible for my instantaneous love affair with Simcoe Hops. Thank you Weyerbacher for making such a delicious, gloriously piney, resiny IPA.

This Belgian-style Golden Ale is like cherry vanilla soda. Delicious. Mmm, bread dough, Belgian yeastiness, and spice. It is smooth and creamy, yet refreshing, an difficult combination to achieve. With its distinct character, this is a must try for beer lovers.


Weyerbacher, in Easton, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1995 by homebrewer Dan Weirback and wife Sue. After a tour of Long Trail Brewery in 1993, they knew it was time to open their own place! Now expanded to a 40 barrel brewhouse, Weyerbacher is growing, all the while producing exceptional beers. Their territory includes 18 states, and I wait patiently for them to come to California. CLICK HERE to read about their interesting history.

This was undoubtedly one of my favorite breweries at GABF. EVERY beer they offered was unique and delicious. Stay tuned for a review next month of the Fifteen, their Smoked Imperial Porter. Mmmm.


In homage to this fella, Colonel Albert Blanton. Know Blanton's Bourbon? That's him!

Cambridge Brewing Co. The Colonel Barrel-Aged “Wild” Porter, 6.5% ABV: A sour porter! Yes! I am intrigued and expectant as I hold out my glass. Aged for 18 months in Buffalo Trace barrels (my FAVORITE bourbon producer, making the great Pappy Van Winkle. Remind me to tell you about my trip there to select a barrel!) Based on their A+ rated (Beer Advocate) Colonel Porter, this is bound to be a winner.

There is of course, sour fruit (cherry, red currant) and brett on the nose, but what makes this beer so interesting is the porter aspect. A rich beer, with chocolate, caramel, brown sugar, and charred wood notes alongside brett and sour on the palate. And a distinct black malt bitterness on the finish that is a bit unexpected from the aromas and flavors. Very interesting beer from Cambridge, and definitely a GABF standout.

Cambridge Brewing Co. is the oldest brewery-restaurant in the Boston area, founded in 1989. With a tagline of “Fresh Beer Local Food,” Cambridge is focused on the gastronomic pleasure of combining cuisine and beer. Their menus are absolutely mouthwatering, and their beers delicious. You better believe when I go to Boston, I am headed to Cambridge Brewing Co for the brews AND the food. If you live in the area, check out their upcoming exciting events, such as the CBC Local 100 Mile Dinner and the CBC Great Pumpkin Festival. Wish I could go!


Southhampton Publick House Saison Deluxe: You know how this girl loves a Saison! Just putting my nose in the glass, it’s easy to see how this beer won a Silver Medal back in 2005. This is a delicious Saison. Absolutely lovely, with citrus (fresh squeezed lemon and peel), tree and tropical fruits, hay, dried grasses, and earth. This would be a beer I would drink on the regular. Unfortunately, none such enjoyment may commence. Not in California, at least!

What a fantastic story associated with this Southhampton, New York brewery. In the 1800’s Prohibition, the Publick House served as a speakeasy and restaurant. According to their website, “Thirsty restaurant patrons would disappear for a short while, typically returning with a much rosier disposition.” Love it.

I want to go to there.

Glamour, sports, and Hollywood mingled during the 1920’s, when Betty Grable, Gary Cooper, and Babe Ruth visited. In 1996, Don Sullivan and Phil Markowski brought this brewery to its current heights, and have a number of medals under their belt to date. CLICK HERE to check out their site!

Until tomorrow,



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