Brewery Feature: Three Floyds Brewing

It’s Saturday, I’m in college football heaven, and all I want is an IPA. I’m watching the Toledo vs. Purdue game, so I figure why not go to my favorite Indiana brewery, Three Floyds? It’s serendipitous, right?

Lemme tell you how much I heard about this brewery before my eager lips ever touched a droplet of their liquid delights. Months folks. Which in the beer geek world feels like years. It’s like the reverse of dog years. So when I had the opportunity to taste Dark Lord last November for my first 100 beers. 30 days. challenge, I squealed like a little girl getting her first Barbie. Not exactly, but I’m pretty sure there was jumping and clapping involved.

A happy time had by all tasting the 2009 Dark Lord.

I invite you to take a look at that first experience with 2009 Dark Lord by CLICKING HERE. After that, well I’ll just say it, EPIC experience, I knew I was sold on going to Dark Lord Day the next spring. So I waited patiently, like so many other Three Floyds fans for those magic words, “Dark Lord Day tickets are NOW on sale.” I must have checked their website 5-10 times a day during those final weeks before release. I got on their Twitter alerts. I am one determined gal, and I was NOT going to miss this.

So amidst the revelry of St. Patrick’s Day, I practically had my cell phone taped to my head. Waiting, waiting for the chirpies of my bird text call to tell me all systems go. I even put my laptop in my car to be extra-prepared. And when it came, I raced to my car like I was running to a burning house to save my only child. I left my friends in a dust of green glitter and spilled Guinness, gazing at my sprint in wide-eyed wonderment. This girl can run when she needs to. And triumph! I scored tickets.

Dark Lord Day 2010!

So readers, have a look at that EPIC day in Muenster, Indiana, also known as Dark Lord Day by CLICKING HERE.

But today, it is all about an IPA named Dreadnaught IPA. I fell in love with this beer on tap at DLD, and knew I had to bring bottles back with me. Now I realize, it won’t be nearly as fresh as before, but I have kept it refrigerated, so hopes are considerable for hop preservation. Let’s dive in….


Three Floyds Dreadnaught IPA, 9.5% ABV: This beer is still a delight. Lovely golden color. While there might admittedly be some fresh hop aroma loss, it’s not much. It’s pretty close to how I remember it, and the subsequent times I have enjoyed it in the past months.

photo courtesy of the Three Floyds website.

When you swirl the glass, the aromas literally come careening out of the glass. Just get it NEAR your nose, and you can smell. First aromas to hit your happy nose? Tropical fruits, such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. And I swear the skin of a mango is in this glass. This is coming from a bona fide mango fanatic. Add to that apricot, peach,citrus (namely grapefruit), light caramel, and a touch of white pepper. As it warms, floral and grassy notes emerge. On the palate, all that fruit comes through with a nice caramel mid-palate, and peppery/hop bitterness on the finish. Balanced and quite smooth. For you West Coast hopheads, this won’t leave your jaw in a clench, like a SoCal IPA, but that isn’t a bad thing. This is wonderfully crafted, and there is a reason it’s so famous and well-loved.

And I must admit, I am STILL on their Twitter text alerts. I keep thinking, “Take them off, you aren’t there at Dark Lord Day anymore! You aren’t waiting for the green light for Dark Lord Day tickets!” But I just can’t. EVERY time I read their menu and beer updates, my mouth waters. And I covet.  Teleport now!

I hope all of you out there get the chance to taste Three Floyds someday. If you have, let’s hear about your experience! What’s your favorite? Stay tuned for my next Brewery feature….



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