IMPORTANT 100 beers. 30 days UPDATE!

HELLO beer comrades!

You might be wondering WHERE I am on this incredible 100 beers 30 days journey. Am I keeping up?? After all, as of today, I am 15 days in, or halfway through my challenge.  Well…

I am PLEASED to announce I am on my 71st, yes, 71st beer as of TODAY!!

Unfortunately, I have only blogged on about 30 of them. Talk about backlog! Attending GABF during those first 5 days of my challenge, with nary a second to breathe, really put me behind my usual up-to-the-minute blogging schedule. (In challenges past, I reported within a day or two!)

So, my most sincere apologies for this unavoidable delay. But, PLEASE STAY TUNED, because there are weeks more of reviews, quips, and of course, Laurie flashbacks, stories, song references, and Holy Wow moments to come.

Can’t wait to hear your comments, thoughts, and hopefully undying praise.

Stay happy, and as always, DRINK CRAFT BEER. It’s good for you.



One Comment Add yours

  1. telvins says:

    Go Laurie !

    i wish were ahead of schedule on my beer drinking.

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