Brewery Feature: Oskar Blues

GABF (Great American Beer Festival) was one of the greatest beer weekends on record. 2,100 beers from 495 breweries??? How can that NOT be insanely fun? Add to that a trip out to Avery and Oskar Blues with New Brew Thursday, and I was literally grinning from ear to ear. Even in my sleep. If you haven’t seen the Avery video yet with Adam, you need to get on board, friend.

After Avery, we headed over to Oskar Blues, the land of deliciously canned beer and a special shot of whimsy at every turn.

This girl loves Ten Fidy.

My favorite beer from Oskar is their intense and luscious Ten FIDY Imperial Stout. As you can tell in the photo! CLICK HERE to see my review at Blind Lady Ale House, a San Diego locale with some of the best Craft beers and food in the city.

Here is the New Brew Thursday interview with Oskar Blues Marketing Director Chad Melis and my BEER # 71, Dale’s Pale Ale. Enjoy!



Until next time,

Step outside the box, and try a canned Craft beer like Oskar Blues. You’ll be deliciously surprised, I promise. And as always, drink Craft beer!



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  1. G-LO says:

    Yo Laurie!

    I just recently discovered Oskar Blues. Love the Dales Pale Ale! And the Gordons Ale is really good too. I’m slowly working my way through their line-up. So far, so good!

    Great site by the way! I listed you on ours.


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