My Top 10 American Craft Breweries


Ok, beer lovers, HERE are my Top 10 American Craft breweries from my 100 beers. 30 days. challenge! This was an INCREDIBLY difficult list to make and there are another 10 breweries that are right on the heels of these! The following breweries are selected for their ability to consistently brew incredible and inventive Craft beers AND for their delicious contribution to the future of Craft brewing. And it is up to YOU to vote for the for the TOP honor!! Listed in Alphabetical order:

  1. Allagash
  2. Avery
  3. The Bruery
  4. Dogfish Head
  5. Jolly Pumpkin
  6. The Lost Abbey
  7. Ommegang
  8. Port Brewing
  9. Russian River
  10. Stone

OK, so now it’s YOUR turn! VOTE for your favorite American Craft brewery!!


    8 Comments Add yours

    1. Matt says:

      Addicted to these kinds of lists, thanks for posting.

      Alpine Beer, but only if you REALLY like IPAs. In one of the best beer cities in the US – San Diego – they make the best IPAs in terms of volume. O’Brien’s, Duet, Exponential Hoppiness, the list could go on. They even make a great California common (e.g. steam beer, like Anchor Steam) called California Uncommon.

    2. Bee says:

      If you’re ever in VT, you MUST seek out some Hill Farmstead beers. Flawless, interesting beers. Go Jolly Pumpkin! I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, so another yay for Founders.

    3. Cliff says:

      Can’t do it. That would be like picking your favorite child. Just can’t do it. Excellent choices that you made, though.

    4. Mike says:

      Nice list! While I wouldn’t argue to remove any, I am disappointed in a few absent breweries (Bell’s, Founders and Lagunitas, for example). Still, for me, it’s all about the homebrew. And nobody represents homebrewers the way that Kuhnhenn Brewing in Warren, Michigan does. Check out their beer menu (and their wine and mead menu, while you’re at it!) and you’ll see why!

      1. Mike, I hear you on Founder’s. I labored for hours over that one. It is literally right behind this ten. And since I’ve only had a few Founders, where I’ve had numerous of the others, I kept it out. I’m thinking of posting #11-20!

    5. Steve Krebs says:

      I live in Ann Arbor and I’m surrounded by 5 brew pubs within walking distance of my home. They all brew their beers in a way that consistently maintains high standards of quality. (Yes, I know, I’m very lucky.) Jolly Pumpkin is one of them. I voted for Jolly Pumpkin because of their consistently appropriate attention to the craft of brewing good beer. I also applaud Ron Jeffries, the head brewer and svengali, for his courageous and intelligent approach to beer flavor.

    6. Mike Dickson says:

      Nice top 10 Picks! I forwared this to Rob! Cheers….

    7. Jim says:

      I went with Avery, as they’re my favorite on the list, but probably not my favorite in America. I’m not sure who is, but the great thing is I don’t have to choose!

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