On the Second Day of Christmas…

Thank you to Neighborhood for the Yulesmiths!

My true love gave to me…2 Yulesmiths! Because lets be honest people. This beer is like Lays. You can’t have just one. One of my favorite Christmas beers, I wait for Yulesmiths every year like I wait for Christmas morning. It is ALWAYS delicious and consistent. And it is one of the beers (along with Rogue‘s Captain Sig’s) that is responsible for my fondness of Imperial Reds.

Alesmith Yulesmith Holiday Ale, 9.5% ABV: Wonderful piney resin and citrus along with aromas and flavors of cardamon, vanilla, spice, and toasted nuts along a caramel malty backbone.  Dangerously drinkable. A perfect balance of malt and hop, this is a beer that makes you go “Mmmm.” I highly, repeat, highly recommend this to all beer lovers out there!

Spread the yule love peeps.



One Comment Add yours

  1. voltonmic says:

    please leave a hint for upcoming beers… my Total Wine is quickly becoming depleted of xmas ales!

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