On the Fifth Day of Christmas….

My true love gave to me….Home for the Holidays! Everyone wants that don’t they? I personally can’t wait to get back to North Carolina. Well, this beer works to making that time all the more special. Quite admirably, profits from Home go to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. Go Beer!

High and Mighty Beer Co. Home for the Holidays, 7% ABV: This brew, subtitled “a hopeful winter ale,” gives me the warm fuzzies before I open it. I try to live my life by the word hope. My first thought when I sniffed? Moravian Sugar Cake. Ever had one of those? Mmmm. Then oddly, white after-dinner mints, wedding cookies, and hints of bubblegum, followed by the telltale caramel,malt, and faint oak. The entry provides a piney beginning, malt comes through mid-palate, and ends with a mild bitterness. While I am admittedly a little confused by this beer, it isn’t bad. Just don’t be expecting a straightforward brown ale here. It’s gonna keep you guessing.

I hope you get home for the holidays too. But wherever you are, I wish you the merriest of Christmases.



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