On the Seventh Day of Christmas

It's Sierra Time!

My true love gave to me….Sierra Celebration! Come on! I love Kool & the Gang….Perhaps one of the most popular Christmas Ales out there, many love Celebration so much, they wish it was a year-round Sierra offering. And as our Beer of the Month at Lumberyard Tavern, it has sold like hotcakes. If you are looking for more hops than malts in your Christmas ale, this might just be your beer!

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, 6.8% ABV: Like I said, this beer stands apart from other Christmas ales, in that it is ALL about the hops. And in case you were wondering, YES, this is indeed an IPA. Dry-hopped with Cascade and Centennial, Celebration dances with notes of citrus and pine  on a bread and caramel malt stage. Can’t you just picture it? That would make for a vaudeville show.

The palate is balanced, not a hop explosion, and is subdued in bitterness. This one is a crowd pleaser for sure. Okay, so the girl that ONLY drinks Stella and is shocked that you don’t have it on tap, doesn’t like it, but hey, you can’t please everyone, right? Check this one out on draft if you can (it’s so fresh!), and I definitely recommend putting it out at your Christmas party. Your guests will love you.



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  1. I bought 6 bottles of this as soon as it appeared this side of the Atlantic.
    For me this years effort has a more rounded and soft “English” IPA feel opposed to last year’s full-on West Coast style.

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