On the Ninth Day of Christmas

Indeed it is...

My true love gave to me….Santa’s Private Reserve! It’s making a fresh return this holiday season. Last year for the first day of my 12 Beers of Christmas, I had a year-aged Santa’s (See the distinct difference in aroma & flavor by CLICKING HERE), so I am looking forward to tasting a fresh one this year and comparing!

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve: Beautiful amber color with reddish highlights and a caramel froth head. Ahhh, nice. Piney hops and tree bark on top of dark malty notes of brown sugar, dried fruit, and caramel cake. Perfectly balanced on the palate, with a delicious hop to malt ratio. Nice lingering hop bitterness on finish. Quite a different beer from last year’s experience, but I wouldn’t dream of changing a thing.  This is comfort in a glass. Everything in its lovely place. Wonderfully done, Rogue.

Until tomorrow,

Bring a little more Santa into your life. You’ll be ho-ho-ho’ing your way into New Years.



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