A Beer That Should Be in Your Cellar: Port’s Older Viscosity

Mmm, look at that trio. Don't worry, we'll get to that guy on the left later.

The first time I had this incredible brew back in 2009, I was blown away by the Bourbon-barrel aged ale. Coming from the wine world, I had NEVER tasted a beer like this one. Since then, I have been lucky and blessed to taste many of the finest beers in the world, but this one always stays with me, and brings back great memories…

Port Brewing Older Viscosity, 12% ABV: My first thought when I tasted this beer was, “Mmm, this drinks like a port!” (no pun intended) And as a certified port fanatic, I was instantly won over. Sweet and welcoming, with a pleasant burn, this was a beer I wanted to sip on for hours. Intense notes of dark chocolate, molasses, dried fig, and caramel interlaced with vanilla, oak, bourbon, and even a distinct meatiness. Yes, that’s right meat.  My advice is to drink this brew at room temperature or only slightly cool.

Don't let the white grape fool you. Pedro Ximenez wine is pure viscous molasses, raisin, and fig.

The intensity of both the alcohol and the palate will mellow out beautifully with time, like my dears, a lovely port, or if you’ve ever tasted one, a rich Pedro Ximenez (Do yourself a favor and expose yourself to this seductive Spanish dessert wine if you haven’t already!). Bring this beauty out with friends over the next few years, and watch their faces light up with liquid happiness. Although it’s my guess this beer has more than a few years of life to it. Remember folks, with an ABV of 12.5%, you are in wine territory, and the higher the alcohol, the better the beer will age. Here’s to Port. Brewing, that is.

Until next time,

Live happy, be well, and as always, DRINK CRAFT BEER.



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  1. Nice review of a truly great and very special brew. I’ve always been surprised at how Older Viscosity seems to pour just under the radar as one of the great examples of American craft brewing. Sure, it has superb ratings at RateBeer and BeerAdvocate and it’s well known among hardcore craft beer geeks but doesn’t evoke the buzz (pun only somewhat intended) of Holy Ales such as Pliny the Younger or Dark Lord. To me, it’s just as deserving.

    Cheers to Port Brewing and to your quest!

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