The Path to Redemption…

is shorter than you might think. Actually it is only 4 blocks from my house. How’s that for a fast track? Okay, let’s not get too offended here…I am speaking of a beer. Russian River’s blonde ale Redemption greeted me yesterday upon my return from work along with a Thai citrus papaya salad. Not bad for a Monday night, eh?

Russian River Redemption, Batch 10, 5.15% ABV: Hazy, golden straw color. Nice, balanced nose of yeast, lemon, coriander pods, a touch of white pepper, and wet hay.  On the palate, hay notes predominate alongside a pleasant yeastiness from the bottle refermentation, while citrus spritzes the surface. A prevailing yet interesting spice (that same coriander pod and white pepper from the nose) lingers on the finish, which I quite enjoy.
At colder temps, this beer is crisp and refreshing, yet lacks its inherent complexity. As it warms, rounder notes emerge, but loses crispness. Which is precisely the basis upon which the great serving temperature debate rests….Like SNL’s famous skit, Coffee Talk, I say “Discuss.”

Definitely an easy drinker, but by no means boring or one-dimensional, this beer is perfect for warm Southern California evenings. Doesn’t that make you want to move here?

Until next time,

Follow your own path to Redemption, and as always, Drink Craft Beer!



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