She’s a Wild One

This beer girl loves herself a Wild Ale. Coming from the small percentage of wine drinkers who loved and craved Brett in their wine, moving over to beers with the same little bug wasn’t a far stretch for me.

Victory Brewing produces Wild Devil, their famous Hop Devil with a happy dose of Brettanomyces, and I was instantly intrigued. While classified as a Belgian IPA, the introduction of Brett sets it apart from others of the style and definitely makes it a little “Wild”.

Victory Wild Devil, 6.7% ABV: Massive creamy puffiness of head. On the nose, cherry mint chapstick (I’m serious!), musty (picture yourself in your grandparents basement sniffing said chapstick) Belgian candi sugar, gentle citrus hops, light stable blanket, and oak barrel. On the palate, while the brett influence carries over, it’s definitely more Belgian IPA, with the finish containing a nice lingering hop bitterness (always a plus for me!). A pleasant sipper indeed for Brett lovers.

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Try out a few funky beers and as always, Drink Craft Beer!




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  1. Fantastic + Affordable beer = super fun. I love Victory’s Wild Devil too.

  2. Jay H says:

    This is a fantastic beer – best thing from Victory I’ve ever had.

  3. And from what I recall… very affordable!

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