On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

My true love gave to me…

Anchor Christmas Ale! The 2011 version.

Anchor “Our Special Ale” Christmas Ale, 5.5% ABV: This classic Winter Warmer has a different recipe every year…since 1975!! I am always excited to meet each season’s new personality, and I was pleased with this year’s offering.

Comforting, desserty notes glide out of the glass: Milk chocolate, cherry, (put those two together!) orange peel, a distinct nuttiness, and oak. At my Holiday Beer Tasting, I paired this with local Chuao Chocolatier’s famous Firecracker truffle (which contains actual Pop Rocks candy, oh yes!), and everyone melted with sweet glee.

A nice, low-alcohol offering from Anchor that should find it’s place at any or all of your Holiday parties this season!

Until next time,

Have a most wonderful holiday. Drink Craft Beer.



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