The World of Port: Barrel-Aged Beers #9-11

If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him. – Seneca

Lucky for us, we beer lovers know exactly which Port to head to for some of the best Craft beer in San Diego:

This picture was irresistible.
This picture is irresistible.


Port Bourbon Barrel-Aged Knight Rider, 10%: The barrel-aged version of their popular Imperial Stout, this monster has big and boozy bourbon notes, with vanilla, oak, dark chocolate, and dried black fruits. Sweet on the palate, this is a definite sipper!

BEER #10

Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Ad Lib, 10% ABV: This beer is an intoxicating (pun intended) blend of  Rye Barrel Serpent’s Stout, Bourbon Barrel Midnight Expression and Bourbon Barrel Judgment Day. Toasted coconut, roasted malt, dark molasses candy, dark caramel, vanilla, and bourbon booziness. A must-try for Port/Lost Abbey fans!

BEER #11

Highway 78 Collaboration Scotch Ale aged in Glenlivet Barrels (Green Flash, Pizza Port Carlsbad, Stone): Hands down, one of the crowd favorites at Oakquinox! Lots of warm caramel and toffee glide over the tongue, with impeccable balance, and a nice bitterness which not only balances the intensity, but begs you to take another sip. Beautifully done. So comforting and intriguing, I wish I had this at arm’s length all the time.

Here’s to Port and their delicious brews and collaborations.



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  1. I’ve been to San Diego a couple of times, but have yet to make it to Green Flash Brewing Co.

    Sounds like I’ve missed out…

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