Feeling Fruity: Beers #12-14

BEER #12

The Bruery Filmishmish, 5.8% ABV: An delightful beer. So what might this tongue-twisting word mean? According to The Bruery, Filmishmish, “an Arabic term for “when the apricots bloom”, is a barrel aged sour blonde ale to which apricots have been added.”

Count me in.

Fresh apricot juice, with a hint of jam, are invigorating, yet kept in check alongside toasted bread, cedar and oak notes. Hay, and vinegar notes join to make a interesting interplay of flavors. While this has some puckering acidity, it is an entirely approachable sour, great for those venturing into my favorite territory.

BEER #13

2010 Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa, 7% ABV: This has aged beautifully. So bright and lively in its youth (I can still remember the gorgeous vibrancy of the raspberries when I first tasted this at the brewery release-they have three additions during aging!), it has developed over the past two years into a refined and balanced framboise, with the raspberries now muted, yet still ever-present. Let’s look back to that first happy moment of consumption:

BEER #14

New Glarus Wisconsin Red, 5% ABV: I have been hanging on to this cherry delight for 2 years. When I ran out of space in my 100 Belgian beer challenge, I knew I HAD to save it for the future!

Aged in oak, Wisconsin Red has held up very well. Bursting with cherry syrup, kirsch, and flaky pie, this beer is perfect for Sunday brunch, dessert, and gals who are convinced they don’t like beer.  Also a great component for a beer cocktail (this I am hoping a brilliant mixologist will provide), Red has a myriad of possibilities for imbibing.



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  1. G-LO says:

    These sound really interesting. I have really gotten in to sours over the past few months, but have only had the Belgian ones. I’ll have to take a look around for these. Good thing I’m in the Philly area. I might actually be able to find them!


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