Liquid Dessert: Beers #32-35

I consider myself ONE lucky beer gal. During the CBC 2012 week, I had the honor of enjoying many, many amazing beers. Amongst them, a few stood out as the perfect after dinner delights:

BEER #32


Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred from the Wood, 12 % ABV: Having only a small taste earlier in the year, I was quite excited when this one got pulled out with friends! This is a beer I can actually see my mother enjoying. Why? Delicious and comforting notes of caramel, light brown sugar, and Mom’s blondies. A liquid dessert, this is a perfect after-dinner drink. 

BEER #33

Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra Barrel Roll #3 Bourbon Stout, 16.5% ABV: First released in December 2011 with less than 300 cases, this Russian Imperial Stout is a treat to hold on to! With its whopping ABV, Pugachev is not for the faint of heart. However, I am taken and impressed by its luscious roundness and smoothness. Notes of dried cocoa, liquid chocolate, vanilla, licorice, and dried plums with a balanced burn. Dessert fans, put this on your list.

BEER #34

North Coast Old Stock 2009 (Aged in Bourbon Barrels), 13.16% ABV: 

One of the first and truly memorable Craft beers I tasted as a wine lover. In addition to aging well, it has tailored (like a good suit) balance, with a clean, dry finish and good acidity. Impeccable combination of caramelized sugar, vanilla, toasted oak, golden raisins, and toffee. Enjoy this one like you would a port or cognac. In other words, savor every sip.

BEER #35

Aecht Schlenkerla Urbock, 6.5% ABV: This beer defines after dinner to me. Forget the cigar, crack open one of these! Smokey, woodsy, oaky, meaty. Smokehouse meets campfire meets distillery. While this would pair beautifully with a variety of grilled and smoked foods, I see this at its best with dark chocolate with a hint of spice. Pour this into a glass and let the smoke jump out and fill your nose. Not for your average beer drinker, there is something incredibly special about the Aecht Schlenkerla line. Scotch lovers, dive in.



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