From Italia with Love, Beers #36-38

Interesting beers from the gorgeous and wine-rich Piemonte of Italy. If you have had these, I would love to hear your thoughts:

BEER #36

Loverbeer Madamin, 6.2% ABV: This beer falls somewhere between an Oud Bruin and their own classification of “oak amber.” Meaning “young lady” in Piemontese dialect, the Madamin is fermented and matured in oak vats. The first, and favorite of the three, this beer had the best developed nose and palate, and greatest potential. Mild sourness, with yeasty notes, oak, grain, and substantial caramel. From aroma to palate, I felt like this beer was “getting there.” Meaning the parts are there, the heart is there, I would like to see them take it a step or two further.

BEER #37

Loverbeer Beerbera, 8%ABV (Ale brewed with grapes and matured in oak barrels): So sometimes bad things happen with beer. Oxidation, skunking, off-flavors, bacterial infection. Undoubtedly and most unfortunately, something was severely wrong with this beer. The nose was potent with varnish, and the flavor dangling between moldy oak & vegetables and that similar chemical component detected in the nose.

I have had a bad beer before in my countdown, and frankly the odds are that it can happen. But I will say this: Hopefully I can obtain another bottle of this beer somehow and give it a proper review. Although it won’t be easy…

(What is most disappointing is that this beer is the one I was most excited about of the three. I was dying to see what they would do with local Piemonte grapes!)

BEER #38

Loverbeer Beerbrugna, 6.2%ABV (Ale brewed with plums and matured in oak barrels): The nose on this beer was FANTASTIC. A enticing and aromatic blend of apricot, plum, and floral notes. I thought to myself, “If this beer is as good as the nose…” But disappointment was mine, as the palate fell short. Puzzlingly mild comparative to the aroma it indicated, I wanted so much to love this beer. Again though, so much potential lay in the wings. My plea to the brewmasters: Let yourselves go! Untie those hands and let the beer come out. Restraint is a beautiful thing, but so is expression.



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