Avery’s Barrel Aged Series: Beers #45-47

As a HUGE fan of Avery Brewing’s Barrel-Aged Series (I have had them all thankfully!), I made a direct beeline to taste the latest three in their production at Oakquinox. Good thing I moved quickly, because they were not to last…

BEER #45

Immitis, BA Series #9 (aged in Zinfandel barrels), 9.87% ABV:  A lovely tart beer, with telltale Zin notes (black raspberry, cherry, and toasted oak) alongside a punch of sour. With only 198 cases produced, it’s a rare treat indeed. First tasted at a Barrel event earlier in the year, I knew a repeat period of enjoyment was due.

BEER #46

Muscat D’amour, BA Series #10 (aged in Chardonnay barrels), 10.78% ABV:  Wonderfully refreshing for its alcohol content and in the company of heavy-hitting bourbon barrel aged beers! Made with 150 gallons of Muscat grape must and aged for 14 months in Chardonnay barrels, this beer is refined and graceful with lovely notes of pear, apple, grape must, light oak, and earth with a genteel sourness. A beer that could turn the most determined wine fan into a beer lover.  I want this. Again and again.

BEER #47

Récolte Sauvage, BA Series #11 (aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels), 11% ABV: Meaning wild harvest in French (I love that), this Avery offering was  made with 150 gallons of Cabernet Sauvignon grape must and aged for 14 months. Mmm! Gorgeously done with notes of cherries and oak, red wine grapes, and dry red fruits. I swear, close your eyes, and it smells like a glass of wine… As one fan noted, “This beer makes the line between beer and wine very thin.”  Definitely one to remember.

Hats off to Avery for their incredible and delicious accomplishments in this Barrel-Aged Series. I remain a loyal fan.



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