From the Land of the Midnight Sun…Beers #56-58

While I’ve never been to Alaska, I find myself closing my eyes and picturing the Arctic wilderness when I sip upon these crafted beers…

BEER #56

Midnight Sun/Green Flash Green Devil, 12% ABV: I spoke with a lot of wonderful beer lovers at Stone’s Oakquinox festival, and many sang the praises of this delicious brew.

Lovely  nose of caramel combined with floral notes of dried grasses and wildflowers. Despite it’s very high alcohol content, this brew is smooth and balanced, with malts and hops in happy harmony. Well done.

BEER #57

Midnight Sun Arctic Devil Barleywine Whiskey, 13.2% ABV: Also high on Craft beer lovers’ lists is this wonderfully smooth offering. Aged in oak casks, it’s perfectly balanced,  with luscious toffee, caramel, vanilla, and sweet, dried golden fig.

BEER #58

Anchorage Love Buzz Saison, 8% ABV: Anything with the word Saison in its title and I am sold. As one of my favorite styles, Saisons are more often than not my go-to beer living in the warm Southern California climate. This one did not disappoint, with refreshing citrus notes intertwined with spice, earth, yeasty breadiness, and gentle funk. Nice subtle wine & oak character with a pleasant dry finish.

Many thanks to these Alaskan Craft breweries for these delicious brews.



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