Beer Geek Tasting with Cascade Brewing, Beers #67-74

When I had the chance to pull out all of my Cascades along with Taylor of @theartofbeer, Dr. Bill Sysak, Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday, & Renee Rounds of Bottlecraft, what might you think I did?

You may be asking, why give so many spots to one sole brewery? Well, beer friends, if you’ve had Cascade, then I don’t need to explain. If you haven’t, rest assured, a lot of thought went into this (and aging!). Cascade is hands down, one of the finest producers of barrel-aged beers in the country. Hope you enjoy the geeked out video with some of San Diego’s Craft beer scene’s most beloved faces!

BEERS #67-73

Kriek 2009, 7.3 % ABV

Kriek 2010, 7.3% ABV

Apricot 2010, 8.5% ABV

Sang Rouge 2009, 8% ABV

The Vine, 8.3 % ABV

Vlad the Impaler, 10.3 % ABV

Bourbonic Plague, 12% ABV

BEER #74

Cascade Brewing Blueberry, 7.33% ABV: This one HAD to go in as one of the most surprising yet pleasantly & secretly expected delicious beers of the challenge. Surprising in that I thought I would never like a blueberry beer. Need I name some of the horrible examples out there?? But secretly expected in that I knew if ANYONE could make a balanced and aptly tart & mildly sweet version, it would be Cascade. Thank you Ron, for never letting me down. First words out of my mouth when I smelled it? “I want blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup.” If any of you know what movie that is from, you are my friend.

Beautifully balanced and deftly made, this goes on my list for Sunday brunch beers. Now if I can only get more.



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