Beer Minute Alpine/New Belgium Super IPA

One of my favorite collaborations of all time, the insanely delicious Alpine/New Belgium Super IPA is one happy Beer Minute!


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  1. Ryan White says:

    Love the blog! We all LOVE our beer! Keep up the great work, I’m sure you are aware that beer is in fact VERY healthy for a person, when consumed in moderation. If you’re ever interested in the health benefits of beer and fitness, feel free to visit this pretty cool website It’s got some great fitness tips for beer lovers!

  2. eddie says:

    Have you ever tried a Belgium beer called “Duvel” ? This means devil.
    Every time I travel to Europe I try to find it. I love it.
    Great blog about my favorite subject…Beer!
    Thanks for all the reviews and sharing,

    1. I have it in bottle here at the restaurant! A classic indeed. Cheers!

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