Brews + Eats: Hangar 24

Welcome to another Beer & Food Pairing! One of the most popular Craft breweries that we bring into the restaurant is Hangar 24, from Redlands, California. In a beer mecca where a new brewery pops up every week, I love Hangar for their unfailing quality level and consistency to everything they produce. Especially popular with customers is their Local Fields series, where they source local fruits & veggies, like apricots, grapes, & pumpkins for their delicious brews.

On to the pairings!

This label makes me want to go fly a kite or something.
This label makes me want to go fly a kite or something.

California Spring Beer, 4.8% ABV: A hoppy wheat ale with both citrus and tropical fruit singing the turn of the season. Rounded from the wheat, yet bright and refreshing from the hop punch, this is a highly drinkable, yet characterful beer. Porch swings and cookouts are calling.

I paired this delightful brew with a Grilled Shrimp Salad with mango, red pepper, avocado, and a lemon-citrus vinaigrette on what else, spring mix!

These brussels have no idea the bacon love they are about to receive...
These brussels have no idea the bacon love they are about to receive…

Columbus IPA, 7% ABV: This beer is a great lesson in the juxtaposition of hop characteristics. On the nose, it is all fruit, with citrus and tropical goodness radiating through your happy schnoz. On the palate, piney and resiny, with a bitter hop punch. I wanted to address both sides of the hop coin, so I paired this one with Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin with peach-apple jam over polenta & bacon-roasted Brussel sprouts.

Local Fields Vinaceous, 9% ABV: You don’t see this type of beer around alot, the Old Ale. And admittedly, when most people read the words “old” and “ale” paired together, their expression is one of doubt. Craft beer nerds know how amazing Old Ale can be, like my favorites from Kuhnhenn Brewery in Michigan, and the famous Old Stock Ale from North Coast.

Vinaceous is produced with crushed Mourvedre grapes from Temecula, and is aged in French wine barrels. The result is a rich and complex beer, full of that expected grapiness and wine-like character alongside oak, vanilla, brown sugar, and dried cocoa. I paired this with a mouthwatering Balsamic Pot Roast with Syrah demi-glace and brown sugar-glazed baby carrots, over mashed taters.

photo-71Local Fields Polycot, 7.2% ABV: A wheat-wine style ale brewed with local apricots from High Desert, Polycot is more refreshing than expected, but still with a depth and richness not seen in lighter wheat beers. I paired this with a Peach Galette with apricot glaze lovingly made from our house bakers, Lemoncats.

An amazing weekend of delicious food and delightful beers. Stay tuned for the next tap & food bonanza!




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  1. Ed says:

    I love a good beer. To many people stick to their bud or coorse. They don’t know what they miss.
    If you can ever find it here is one of my favorite beers. it is from Belgian and its called Duvel.
    I love this dark beer.
    Thanks for sharing.

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