If you haven’t seen it already, here it is!  The FINAL beer of my 100 Barrel-Aged and Oak Influenced Beers, I give you the classic and incomparable KBS from Founders Brewing: June 28 : Kentucky Breakfast Stout : Founder’s Brewing Co : with Laurie Delk of 100 Beers.30 Days. from New Brew Thursday on Vimeo….

Standouts of the Countdown, Beers #94-99 of 100

The longest post of my countdown, but it’s time to wrap this baby up and move on to the next  challenge!! So here they are folks, some of my favorites of the countdown saved for the home stretch of reviews: BEER #94 Nebraska Hop God, 10% ABV: One of the most memorable of Stone’s Oakquinox festival…

A Tribute to Brewdog: Beers #91-93

Here’s to James, Martin, and all the guys and gals of Brewdog and the crazy interesting brews they crank out. I held on to these three in particular, waiting patiently for this 100 Barrel-Aged and Oak Influenced Beer challenge, knowing I wanted to save them to the final lap. BEER #91 BrewDog/Three Floyds Bitch Please,…

A Brewmaster Chat, Beers #87-90 of 100!

Talkin’ about barrels & sours! Join me for this fun & educational tasting with Paul Segura, Head Brewmaster of Karl Strauss as we taste through their 22nd and 23rd Anniversary beers and the wild beers that are now coming from the brewery:

Livin’ on the Sweet Side…Beers #82-86

Okay, so these beers aren’t really “sweet”, per se, but each of these has a richness in aroma and flavor that definitely appeals to the sensibilities of our personified sweet tooth. Read on and you will quickly understand… BEER #82 2009 Founders Nemesis, 12% ABV: Boy they aren’t kidding about the title on this one….

The Wonders of Bourbon County Stout, Beers #77-81

Join me as I talk with Ken Hunnemeder from Goose Island about their famous Bourbon County Stout! We taste 4 from the line, talk about the brewery, the reaction to their buyout from ABInBev and more. It’s a beer geek learning experience you won’t wanna miss!

Straight from the Barrel: Bacon & Eggs, Beers #75-76

It was my great honor to talk with Yiga Miyashiro of Pizza Port Ocean Beach and get an exclusive tasting of his award-winning Bacon & Eggs straight from the whiskey barrels! Add to that a coffee blending with Heather from Bird Rock Roasters, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a morning…

Beer Geek Tasting with Cascade Brewing, Beers #67-74

When I had the chance to pull out all of my Cascades along with Taylor of @theartofbeer, Dr. Bill Sysak, Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday, & Renee Rounds of Bottlecraft, what might you think I did? You may be asking, why give so many spots to one sole brewery? Well, beer friends, if you’ve…

The Stillwater Syndrome…Beers #65-66

If you haven’t tried this unique Saison & Farmhouse Ale producer from Baltimore, Maryland, then get with the game and do it. Producing an array of Saison variations, Brian Stillwater dedicates himself wholeheartedly to the exploration of one of my favorite beer styles on the planet. Which is why I was hooked. I also can’t…

In a League of Their Own…Beers #62-64

These beers deserve a special nod for their rarity, one of a kind personalities, and their significant place in the world of barrel-aged beers: BEER #62 Lost Abbey Cable Car 2008, 7% ABV: This beer never ceases to stop me in my tracks every time I taste it. Highly sought after and more than a…

From London to my Lips…Beers #59-61

Porters have their history in the streets of London, but it is in America that the lovely porter has blown the lid off of its own category. I love the traditional British style in beers like Fuller’s, but I also am fascinated by Craft brewers here that explore the realms of what a porter can…

From the Land of the Midnight Sun…Beers #56-58

While I’ve never been to Alaska, I find myself closing my eyes and picturing the Arctic wilderness when I sip upon these crafted beers… BEER #56 Midnight Sun/Green Flash Green Devil, 12% ABV: I spoke with a lot of wonderful beer lovers at Stone’s Oakquinox festival, and many sang the praises of this delicious brew….