Standouts of the Countdown, Beers #94-99 of 100

The longest post of my countdown, but it’s time to wrap this baby up and move on to the next  challenge!! So here they are folks, some of my favorites of the countdown saved for the home stretch of reviews: BEER #94 Nebraska Hop God, 10% ABV: One of the most memorable of Stone’s Oakquinox festival…

Livin’ on the Sweet Side…Beers #82-86

Okay, so these beers aren’t really “sweet”, per se, but each of these has a richness in aroma and flavor that definitely appeals to the sensibilities of our personified sweet tooth. Read on and you will quickly understand… BEER #82 2009 Founders Nemesis, 12% ABV: Boy they aren’t kidding about the title on this one….

The Wonders of Bourbon County Stout, Beers #77-81

Join me as I talk with Ken Hunnemeder from Goose Island about their famous Bourbon County Stout! We taste 4 from the line, talk about the brewery, the reaction to their buyout from ABInBev and more. It’s a beer geek learning experience you won’t wanna miss!

Birthday weekend part two!

So..grinning like schoolchildren, we headed to the fantastic Lost Abbey/Port Brewing.  We were told by MJ and Kelly of Green Flash Brewery to seek out Terri, the maven of the tasting room. After the delicious onslaught of varieties at Green Flash, I wanted to hone in on dark, viscous delights. And viscosity I found! OLD…