5 Beers That Should Be in Your Cellar

Hello my dear beer friends! I have missed you! Yes, I have been absent, and I tell you, it feels WONDERFUL to be back. So onward!

I am starting a new fun and exciting series entitled “Beers That Should Be in Your Cellar .” As a lover of all things brewed, I think this is a crucial aspect to beer adoration. For one, you always have backup libation when you come home and desperately need and deserve and awesome beer. (It’s like stocking a good home bar.) Second, you have something unique and impressive to pull when that special someone is over. And believe me, they WILL be impressed. And third, when your fellow beer-obsessed friends descend on your pad, you can revel in their wide-eyed glee when you pluck a rare, aged brew from its cool nest.

Now your cellar can be a fancy, temperature-controlled thing-a-ma-jiggy, a cool closet, an underground cave, a christened “beer refrigerator” (like I have), or just half of your regular fridge (which I have also done.) I chuckle here because people come into my house, and remark constantly, “Do you keep beer EVERYWHERE?” The answer is always, “Why yes. Problem?” (Just be SURE to be diligent in maintaining a constant temperature according to the type of beer!)

So, over the last bit, I’ve been perusing and pulling from both my beer and wine cellars, (adding and subtracting, if you will), to bring a whole new mix to my obsession. So let’s get this party started. Here are 5 of the beers that are in my cellar, and should be in yours. Happy hunting!

  1. Three Floyds Dark Lord 2010: With Dark Lord Day 2011 approaching, this beer is on ALOT of people’s minds. When I tasted this beer at the event, it was darkly cruel and unrelenting. Six months later, the talons had released only a little, but amazing aromas and flavors were peeking out. This beer has is going to age onward for years. Think: espresso, bitter chocolate, fig, soy, charred wood, blackstrap molasses
  2. Russian River Supplication, 7% ABV: Hands-down one of my favorite beers of all time. I knew this beer was incredible for aging the moment my excited lips touched Batch #1 last year. Whether you drink this beer on tap or age it for years, it is sure to please the pucker. Think: yeast, apple cider, hay, white grape, oak, earth
  3. Lost Abbey Angels Share, 12% ABV: Year in and year out, this limited allocation barrel-aged beer continues to please and amaze. Layer upon layer of aromas and flavors, Angel’s Share unfolds its heavenly wings with each passing year. Think: dark chocolate, vanilla, molasses, oak, vanilla, dark brown sugar, bourbon
  4. Malheur Brut Reserve, 11% ABV: Think of this as the champagne in your beer cellar. And believe me, it’s just as tasty. This beer, aged like a champagne, will continue to grow in complexity. And it pays to have a bottle of this on hand for special occasions and celebrations! Think: hay, citrus, lemon zest, sourdough yeast, dried grass
  5. Rochefort 10, 11.3% ABV: A delicious classic for every cellar, this beer begs for aging. And it can easily take a good decade of growth and development. A bit difficult to come by, (but not impossible!), get your hands on this one. Think: black fig, raisin, dark brown sugar, molasses, piquant and sweet baking spice.

STAY TUNED for more cellar-worthy beers to come! Do YOU have a brew you’d like to suggest to fellow beer lovers for aging? Let’s hear it!

Until next time,

Stay happy, healthy, and as always, drink Craft Beer.



    5 Comments Add yours

    1. While I like to cellar a good beer as much as anyone, most of those beers don’t last that long in my cellar (read: “closet under the basement stairs”). Although, my one bottle of Dark Lord did make it about 9-10 months. Supplication rarely lasts a week in my house.

    2. Brett Domue says:

      My “cellar” (storage unit) is currently home to some Westvleteren 8 and 12 and Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. Was quite shocked to find Rochefort 10 (and 8) in the supermarket here in Taipei last night! Unfortunately, they’re all out of Abbaye des Rocs at the moment.

    3. bierfesten says:

      Interesting idea on cellaring i love the idea but have found in my experience i preferred the young hoppy ball buster version. Rochefort & Malheur are great beers. Roche 10 is up there as my best beer.

    4. Jason Harris says:

      If you find me a Dark Lord in SoCal that I don’t have to sell my soul to trade for, I’ll totally grab one!

    5. Great picks! I would have to add: Firestone Walker 14th Anniversary. I just had one, and my wife’s first comment was: Wow, this is complex! (She’s in the wine business) Planning on aging several for 1-2 years to see how it develops.

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