Craft Beer on TV! My KUSI News debut…

Greetings San Diegans!

I hope you enjoyed the KUSI segment, and learned a little more about our fantastic city of Craft beer and three wonderful charities. I know it went by quickly, so here is a recap of the beers, food pairings, and charity-participating locations!

Beer #1

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA:  A San Diego favorite, a nationwide hit.  At the top of the IPA game, Sculpin stands apart from its piney brethren. A delicious nose of tropical fruit (mango, papaya), tree fruit (apricot, peach), and citrus (lemon, grapefruit) give you an instant dose of refreshment. All of these delightful notes follow through on the palate, giving you a clean and crisp IPA, with a nice bitter, dry note that keeps you wanting another sip. Brilliantly crafted.

Food Pairing: Lumberyard Tavern’s beloved hot wings in 3 perfect flavors: Buffalo, Sweet-n-Spicy BBQ, & Garlic Teriyaki, served with Blue Cheese sauce. The wonderful citrus hop notes in the beer slice through the spiciness and act as a perfect compliment to the sweet teriyaki. The hop bitterness scrubs & cleans the palate and makes you hunger for the next bite!

Lumberyard Tavern is proud to be affiliated with Feeding America, which also happens to be my longstanding 100 beers. 30 days. charity! For every Sculpin purchased with the mention of the KUSI segment, all proceeds will go to this important cause. In addition, as a MOGL restaurant, for every $20 spent, a meal is donated. So please make your way to Lumberyard Tavern to help today!


The Lost Abbey Red Poppy (Flanders Ale): A delicious version of one of my favorite styles of Belgian ales. And a great alternative to Champagne for your New Year’s Eve! Made using a brown ale and sour cherries, and aged in oak barrels for 6 months, the Red Poppy is a wonderfully balanced, yet assertive sour tribute to the Flanders style. With nice caramel, brown sugar and dried fruit notes mingled with that tell-tale sour cherry nose and palate, this one hits the nail on the sour head.

Food Pairing: Toronado’s savory Bockwurst (either by itself or sandwich-style with peppers and onions has both the earthiness and slight twinge to complement this beer beautifully, while the smokiness plays off the oak from barreling. While you’re there feasting, don’t leave without trying their delicious Mac-n-Cheese!

Extra Pairing idea: Baked Brie in puff pastry with fresh raspberries & cherries

Toronado is proud to be affiliated with Beer for Boobs, a Susan G. Komen Foundation and White Labs charity. Local San Diego Brewery, Ballast Point, has produced Boob Check, a tart ale with Hibiscus. Oh Yum!! With every purchase of Boob Check at Toronado during the popular 30th on 30th in North Park, all proceeds will go to the critical cause of breast cancer research. Drinking delicious beer & helping others? It’s a no-brainer!

BEERS #3 & 4

Port Santa’s Little Helper: A truly special Imperial Stout released during the holidays. Loads of chocolate and cocoa with notes of caramel, vanilla, roasted malt, and tobacco, and a bit of smoke that intensifies as it ages. This one is a serious mouthful!

Green Flash Double Stout: This impeccably made stout is a hands-down, all-time favorite. Bursting with lush, scrumptious liquid chocolate. Enticing, yet comforting aromas of coffee, hazelnut, baking spice, and gentle lilac. One of the smoothest beers on the planet.

Food Pairing: Either of these beers go smashingly with a steak off the grill. However, my favorite is Chuao Chocolatier’s variety of insanely delicious and strikingly original truffles. Their famous Firecracker, made with Pop Rocks candy is the stuff of legends. Do yourself (and your sweet tooth) a favor and go to Chuao. You’ll leave in a state of chocolate bliss, I promise.

Amazing craft beers such as these (and SO many more!) can be purchased at the local beer lover’s paradise, the one and only Best Damn Beer Shop. Located in downtown San Diego, these guys have a dizzying array of specialty Craft beers from all over the world, coupled with a home brewing market in house. Get a few delicious artisanal cheeses for a pairing, and you’ve got yourself an evening. What are you waiting for?

Best Damn Beer Shop is proud to be affiliated with Power of Change, a charity to assist underprivileged youth locate employment, acquire a drivers license and first car, and live for success. I am so excited by the progress they are making, so please help our teens beat the streets for a brighter future!

And for good measure…

A special, yet simple pairing for all 3 beers!: Make a cheese plate for your guests, including sharp, earthy, and pungent cheeses: include blues (Stilton, Gorgonzola) for your IPA and stout; soft, runny, earthy cheeses (Florette, Brie) for your sour beers, and sharp, hard cheeses (aged cheddar, gouda) for your IPA. Voila!

Until next time,

Get out there and support your local breweries, restaurants, shops, and charities. We San Diegans are a proud, giving, and hugely supportive family!

I raise a glass to all of you.

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