Brews + Eats: Allagash Brewing

I get excited pretty easily, I admit. You may hear me use the words amazing, fantastic and favorite perhaps a bit too much. Guilty. But one word I don’t use alot is complex, because truthfully in both the Craft beer & wine world, most offerings just aren’t. Not that many beers & wines can’t be wonderfully drinkable, enjoyable, and full of flavor, but complexity is a descriptor I reserve for only certain cream of the crop liquid pleasures.

Allagash Brewing often meets this criteria for me, with their incredibly layered (and admittedly, expensive) brews. But one thing I have learned, from clothes to food to drinks to boyfriends, you get what you pay for. And Allagash, my friends, is worth it.

It was, therefore, my great and long-awaited pleasure to pair this lineup of transcendent (yes, I used that word) brews with delicious food yummies.

Confluence 2012, 7.5% ABV:  Refreshing and bone dry with hay, perceptible Brett notes (for you bug lovers out there), citrus, light spice & pepper. Like a beautiful dry white wine, this one has enough complexity and interest to keep your nose in the glass time and time again.

Paired with a Tilapia Ceviche, with cilantro, cucumber, jalapenos, tomato, red onion and mandarin oranges, this combo was unstoppable over the weekend.

photo courtesy of Mike Moore.
photo courtesy of Mike Moore.

White, 5.2% ABV: Undoubtedly our best selling craft beer, Allagash White rules the Wit category at the restaurant. My proudest Craft beer moment here was when the White outsold Coors Light at the mobbed Encinitas Street Fair. Go Craft! Expertly crafted & highly drinkable, White has notes of citrus, hay, and light white pepper. Crossover beer extraordinare.

Paired with a Ruby Red Grapefruit Salad with goat cheese, candied walnuts, & peppery arugula. Tossed with an Allagash White dressing (delish!), this is a perfect summer picnic pairing.

Fluxus 2012, 7.7% ABV: I was beyond excited to tap this, as I had been most impatiently waiting since last year! Made with green & pink peppercorns, this beer was my fave of the bunch. The pepper note is perfectly integrated, alongside tropical fruit, spice, and gentle malt.

Appropriately paired with Peppercorn-crusted Ahi Tuna with mango salsa, this was a match made in beer-foodie heaven.


Curieux, 11% ABV: I’m just gonna go ahead and pilfer from my earlier description during my 100 Barrel-Aged Beer challenge from 2012. No need to reinvent the wheel. #64 of my quest:

Beautifully complex with layered notes of vanilla, oak, yeast, white grape skin, toasted malt, coconut, and spice. This classic beer reminds me of a fine wine, so grab one for that next special occasion, sit back, and enjoy the fruits of Allagash’s labor.

This beer moved like gangbusters, and it’s not difficult to see why. Paired with an old New Orleans favorite of mine, Bread Pudding with Bourbon-caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream, this combo was like a happy, fat dream.



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  1. Can’t go wrong with the Allagash white. This was one of my first tastes into the world of craft beer. Suggested to me at the Tractor Room long ago…

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