It’s a Wheaty Kind of Wednesday

It’s that time of year. The spring buds are blossoming, the birds are a’chirpin, the sun’s thawing the ground, and beer lovers are itching for lighter and more refreshing beers. Although I currently have a locally brewed stout in my kegerator, I too am looking towards my favorite Belgian Wit beers (and sours, of course!) for those spring dishes I am preparing in the kitchen.

And in the restaurant biz, the requests for Hefeweizen is starting to multiply exponentially. So this Wednesday, I am trying a highly available and well known American Hefe, Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, 4.8% ABV: This is the definition of an easy-going, widely appealing American Hefeweizen. Nice citrus and white pepper notes mingled with a balanced wheatiness, that is luckily not gummy, overbearing, or guilty of leaving that cloying stickiness on the finish. No heavy spice, banana or tropical fruit, rather proper hints interspersed throughout the palate. A pleasing, drinkable beer for the upcoming months. I’d say, put this in the cooler for your next cookout!

If you are a beer geek trying to get your novice friends away from Blue Moon and Shock Top (and PLEASE tell me you are trying), this could be your crossover beer. Get them drinking this, then enter the delightful world of REAL Belgian Wits and German Hefes(It’s borderline offensive Blue Moon calls itself a Belgian White). Before you know it, you could have a fellow beer geek on your hands!

Until next time,

Drink well, eat well, and always SUPPORT CRAFT BEER.



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  1. Agreed on all counts. Kellerweis is a great representation of the American Hefeweizen – a bit of an oddity in style because our version of Hefeweizens is decidedly more subdued than the classic German style, unlike our IPAs which are usually much, much more aggressive than the English blueprints call for). Anyway, I’ve always liked Kellerweis and feel it’s a bit underappreciated. Pairs well with lighter meals and especially with sushi.

    As an intro to the world of true craft beer, Kellerweis fits the profile. Relatively easy to find, approachable and refreshing. Just an easy beer to like even for people for aren’t used to being confronted with something as odd as flavor or character in their pint glass. I also think Wits are a great style for shepherding the domesticated beer buyer into the craft beer universe. For all of its warts, Blue Moon has attracted enough of a following to allow a large number of swill drinkers to “accept” that flavor profile. All it should take is an Allagash White, Victory Whirlwind Wit or Hoegaarden to capture them. Once there, the craftbeer bar’s the limit!

    Bye the way, where was that pic taken?

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Bud™

  2. @BeerPoet says:

    As far as American hefs go, Kellerweis might be the most un-American one out there in my opinion. And that’s a compliment. I haven’t had it this year, yet. But last year, I did find subtle banana and clove notes. Not as much as you’d fine in a good German hef, but more than most American versions for sure. Like you said, a great crossover American hef to get craft beer noobs into the really nice European examples of the style!

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