Whiskey Love! Beers #15-17

WANT. That. Truck.
photo from bitteredunits.blogspot.com

I love whiskey. Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey…

BEER #15

Oskar Blues Whiskey Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy, 9.4%: YES. Smells like bacon. Add to that soy, licorice, and roasted, meaty aromas, and you’ve got yourself one carnivorously seductive beer. Wonderfully smooth and balanced. I have always been a big, big fan of the regular Ten Fidy, and this one surely did not disappoint. Would have loved to sit down with this for an hour or more and just savored…

I want to go to there.

BEER #16

Fifty-Fifty Eclipse 18 yr Elijah Craig barrels, 9.5% ABV: I first tasted this a few months back at another barrel-aged event, so I knew I had to make a beeline to taste them again and bring their exceptional profile to all of you Craft beer fans!

Intense boozy notes of bourbon, with a substantial density of sweet dried fruit, vanilla, oak, and molasses. This beer envelops your palate, wraps you up, and begs for a cold evening, a fire and a really good movie.

BEER #17

Fifty-Fifty Eclipse Rittenhouse Rye barrels, 9.5% ABV:As a dedicated rye fanatic in both whiskey and beer, this one was destined to be a favorite of mine out of the gate. Wonderfully elegant restraint  with clean aromas and flavors of cocoa nibs, grain, whiskey, espresso, and liquid bittersweet chocolate. To my taste, far more drinkable than the bourbon offering.

Perfectly said.

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